Hiring today is

Complex and its challenges are multifaceted.

The world’s first Ai Smart Interviewer solves for the biggest issues hiring teams face, enabling you to achieve your hiring goals faster.

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Use cases

Volume hiring, automated.

The idea of screening hundreds of thousands of people at a time used to be scary. Our Smart Interviewer can handle any volume. We interview everyone that applies, so you can be confident that you’re hiring from the widest possible talent pool.

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Make offers

In days, not weeks

Phai not only widens your talent pool, it saves your team time. In hours, you’ll receive a curated shortlist. Combine Phai’s text-based chat with our second-round VideoInterview tool, and you’ll be making offers to top talent before you know it. The best part? There’s no extra work for you and your team.

5x payback in 4 months giving back 8,000 hours to the business. Less than 1p per applicant to deliver 99% positive sentiment … a game-changer for Iceland!

Head of Talent and L&D, Iceland Foods

Make every candidate

Feel special

When you’re hiring in high volumes, it’s all too easy to miss talent and ghost applicants. That’s not a good look for your brand. With Sapia, every person is engaged, heard, and receives personalized insights. In a world of ghosting and poor candidate experience, you’re one of the few setting a shining example.

Make bias

A thing of the past

With Phai, it’s all about words, and how they translate into the behaviours, personalities and traits your company needs. We use no data other than the answers given by interviewees – nothing from social media, nor CVs, nor irrelevant metrics like time-to-complete. This removes bias from the start, and gives everyone a fair chance.

Make your recruitment team happy

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Candidate Happiness

Completion Rate

Average hours saved monthly

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Making a difference

Trusted by organisations around the world

Thanks to our Ai Smart Interviewer, Woodie’s has achieved a 300% increase to ethnic minority hires and a 200% increase to LGBTQI+ hires. Find out more in this case study
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Berry Street uses Sapia for high-volume recruitment, often to hire residential carers who work throughout Victoria.
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To support its massive growth ambitions, Wolt needed a Smart Interviewer that could automate volume hiring in the thousands. With our platform, they achieved incredible results.
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Ambu used our Smart Interviewer to conduct psychometric testing, getting high quality candidates and solving its volume hiring challenges.
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