Updated 10 Nov 2023

Accessibility statement

Our Accessibility Goals

A core part of our mission at Sapia.ai is to enhance diversity and inclusion. As such, web accessibility is at the core of our company values and we are committed to expanding our accessibility infrastructure. This commitment extends to making our candidate-facing products, recruiter-facing platforms, and our external website (Sapia.ai) inclusive and accessible to individuals with diverse abilities, in particular to people who use a wide range of assistive technologies.


Candidate-facing Products

We are actively working towards achieving World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 level AA standards. Our commitment lies in ensuring that our platform is accessible to everyone, making our interview tools compatible with major assistive technologies such as JAWS and NVDA screen readers for Windows, VoiceOver for MacOS, magnifying software such as ZoomText, Braille Display, and more.

Features where we are currently achieving these accessibility standards: 

Visual Design: All content can be enlarged using standard browser controls or screen magnification software. The text on pages is crafted to maintain ample contrast with the background, adjusting as necessary depending on the colors provided by the customer.

Headings: We have used clear headings to communicate the organization of the content on the page and to help screen reader users to navigate the page content.

Untimed action: Despite the interactive nature, while engaging with our Chat Interview, candidates have the flexibility to respond at their own pace. They can edit their answers and scroll back to the top to review prior information.

While completing a Video Interview, candidates enjoy a specified number of answer retries and ample time for preparation for each question before each recording.

Simplified workflows: We guide candidates on optimizing their performance during the interview. Employing best practices, we incorporate a single call to action (CTA) to minimize cognitive load.

Screen reader compatibility: Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate with various screen readers, enabling users to experience content through audio rather than text. We will continue to enhance our screen reader functionality by adding in a reader tag, to optimize it for AA standard.

We are currently actively working to make the following features compliant with AA standards:

Voice to text: Candidates should be able to leverage their device’s inherent voice-to-text functionality to respond to Chat Interview questions without the need for manual typing.

Keyboard navigation: All chat bubbles, buttons, and forms should be accessible from the keyboard. Use the Tab key to navigate forward and Shift + Tab to navigate backward. Candidates can currently use the keyboard short of control+enter, or command+enter to submit responses.

Images: All images and hidden decorative images should have descriptive alternative text, ensuring their purpose is clear and they can be effectively communicated via assistive tools.

Links: Descriptive link texts will be provided so candidates can easily understand their purpose and where they lead.


Recruiter-facing Products

We are committed to improving the experience of our recruiter-facing platforms. These are designed with simplicity of use in mind. We are in the process of reviewing and improving this product suite to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 Level AA criteria.



We continuously aim to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA on our public facing website, https://sapia.ai.  

The main areas we are focusing on are keyboard-friendly interfaces, screen reader navigation, focus visibility, sufficient color contrasts, and distinguishable font sizes.


Contact us

We’d be happy to hear any feedback about our current state or future plans regarding Sapia.ai’s accessibility initiative. If you encounter any barriers, please email support@sapia.ai and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to working collaboratively with the community to create content available for everyone.