We hire with heart. was built on the foundation of making hiring inclusive, efficient and effective. The core engine that drives is our Ai Smart Interviewer.

We believe

In words

Language is how we communicate. It defines who we are.

No one likes face-to-face interviews. They’re awkward, nerve-wracking, and they seldom give you the chance to be yourself. By interviewing in a chat-based format, we make the process feel easy, fun and engaging. You can do it from the comfort of home, in your own time.

And what we do with your responses is even better.

Through advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), we can learn countless things about the you – your HEXACO personality profile, role-based skills, behaviours, experience, and more. These insights are invaluable both to the hiring company and you. More than 90% of candidates love the insights they receive after completing Chat Interview with our Smart Interviewer.

A message from our CEO

A new name for the bright future of recruitment.

After three years, we have changed our name from PredictiveHire to It’s a name that combines the two unique elements of our tech, the human experience (homosapien) and machine intelligence (Ai).

We’re a technology company, but we have always operated with a human-first mindset. That’s why we designed our candidate experience to help the disappointed people as well as the successful people. We care about people, their stories, their soft skills, and not about the words on their CV.

Our Ai creates good candidate experience, but it also generates vital data. Data, in turn, bring us equity and transparency. Data helps us to identify and interrupt the biases that affect human perception. They lead to deep insights that challenge subjective human judgment. They create collaborative intelligence for a fairer world.

Every day we get closer to that ideal world.

We are excited at the potential for, and our Smart Interviewer, to give every candidate a chance – a chance to share their story, reflect, learn, understand themselves better, and to take part in a fundamentally human experience. We believe in a world without CVs, a world in which humans can tell their stories and be hired, fairly, on their merits.

If you’d like to chat with me about the potential of our Smart AI Interviewer, or the future of ethical Ai, you can reach me here.


Barb Hyman
CEO, founder

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