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The beauty of using AI to interview is that it’s always learning. We take everything we learn and use it to benefit everyone: You, your colleagues, and everyone who interviews.

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Feedback for every candidate

These days, people going for jobs rarely hear anything after they hit submit – most don’t even get a rejection letter! That’s no way to hire. We give everyone – yep, everyone – professional, personalized coaching tips.

These tips help candidates understand themselves better, and gives them insights to help them in their career journey, even if they don’t get the role.

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Skills profiles for hiring teams

A resumé might tell you where a candidate went to school, but it won’t tell you how they’ll handle a customer complaint, or how they’ll work in a team. With our Ai Smart Interviewer, you can get insights that matter.

We give you detailed metrics and insights into every applicant’s personality, behavioural competencies, and communication skills. So you can make decisions based on who’ll be the best fit for the role, and nothing else.

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Progress that’s measurable

We give you data, but we also help you shape that data into a compelling story. In doing so, we can give HR a seat at the table, and prove the value of smart hiring automation to the business.

By measuring time saved, candidate sentiment, experience and quality – as well as a host of other real time metrics and insights – you have the stats you need to measure ROI, and prove beyond doubt how your team is improving business outcomes.

And, without data, it’s impossible to move the dial on diversity. Our real time diversity metrics pinpoint where in the hiring process bias may be occurring, so you can take action.


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