RPO staffing

Make outsourced hiring fast and fair

Process. Process. Process. Outsourcing agreements often lead to inefficiencies and increased time to hire. With Sapia.ai, automation is king. We reduce the complexity of the hiring process, reducing cost and time to hire.

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We empower RPOs in a tricky market

As an RPO, you’re under a great deal of pressure to deliver the best talent to your clients – and high speed is always a factor.
The solution? Outsource to us! By letting us handle screening, interviewing, and assessing, you have more time to nurture talent and work with the candidates we recommend. We guarantee you’ll have a curated shortlist, comprised of the people with the skills and traits you need.

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The best talent for your clients

Fill roles fast, and ensure quality

We can work with you and your clients to determine the types of traits and people you’re looking for, and create a structured interview with the questions needed to get that talent. You simply post a link to it in your job ads. Done!

Our AI Smart Interviewer then analyzes the responses and ranks the right people for you.

How it works

Give your hiring managers a curated shortlist

  1. Sapia.ai interviews, screens, and ranks every single applicant for you over chat.
  2. All candidates receive personalized insights about themselves.
  3. The top applicants automatically progress to a non-AI video interview.
  4. You review the shortlisted interviews and skills profiles, offer, and hire!

Never ghost a candidate again

90%+ candidate satisfaction will make you look good

Every candidate that meets our AI Smart Interviewer automatically receives positive insights and tips that help them in their career journey. More than 90% of our 2 million candidates loved the insights they received.

“Technology like this is the future of hiring.”

“I am a huge believer in the power of technology to effect change for both the individual and organisations, to remove bias and create more equality in the world, to dignify, to empower, to teach through feedback, and to save that scarcest of resource – time. Since meeting the team at Sapia.ai two years ago I was impressed at their ambition to deliver to all of those aspirations and now we are seeing their technology have that impact for our own clients. Technology like this is the future of hiring.”

Michael Smith, CEO
Randstad Sourceright

Build scoring models tailored to your clients’ roles

Whether it’s cashiers, marketers, engineers, product owners, developers, or managers, our AI models match candidates perfectly to the attributes and values of the companies you represent.

Why Sapia.ai?

Which tech is best for you?

There are a lot of hiring technologies out there. You’ve got your video interview platforms (HireVue), your conversational AIs (Paradox), your assessment tools (Vervoe), and more. They’re great at what they do.

We are the only provider that solves for scheduling, screening, interviewing and assessing with one AI tool. We have inbuilt video interviewing, sure, but text chat interviewing is our power. It’s much more than a conversational AI – it’s smart hiring automation that delivers our customers unbeatable speed and incredible hire quality.

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Designed for large businesses

No-fuss integrations with the leading ATS providers

Our products fit seamlessly into your HR tech stack. We have no-fuss integrations with the leading ATS providers, and we can build custom integrations, too. After just days, you’ll see the cost and time savings – and the bigger your team, the bigger the savings.

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