Hiring today is

Complex and its challenges are multi-faceted.

The world’s first Ai Smart Interviewer solves for the biggest issues hiring teams face, enabling you to achieve your hiring goals faster.

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Put value in values

Hiring for skills is easy – values, not so much. Luckily, we see the special stuff inside every human. We’ll objectively rank and shortlist the people more likely to bring the values you need to the role.

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Aligned with the culture you need

Before you place an ad, we work with you to determine the ideal applicant, based on the traits required to succeed, and values that align with your business. Our Ai Smart Interviewer then interviews everyone, scores and ranks them for you.

“We’ve been able to hire a diverse team that reflects the values of our organization, whilst giving our candidates a world class experience, saving thousands of hours for our recruitment team.”

Anna Livingston, Chief Diversity and People Officer, Tennis Australia

Total, reliable

Consistency in screening

Because our Smart Interviewer is built to assess, rank and shortlist candidates objectively and equally, there’s no need to rely on the differing opinions and experience levels of your hiring team. Their time is better spent looking after the right hires.


Valuable insights

Our Smart Interviewer uncovers more about your people than a CV or SJT ever could.

Our Talent Insights product gives you objective data to understand more about your candidates – so you make smarter hiring decisions, and helping you retain, reward and recognise them in the future.

How could you not value these numbers?


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