Hiring today is

Complex and its challenges are multi-faceted.

The world’s first Ai Smart Interviewer solves for the biggest issues hiring teams face, enabling you to achieve your hiring goals faster.

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Use cases

Hire with light speed

When the competition is cut-throat, you need to act fast. We can help you go from ad to hire in just 24 hours.
 All you have to do is watch the right people roll in.

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End-to-end hiring

With the powerful combination of Sapia.ai’s Chat Interview for screening, and Video Interview for the next stage, you have an end-to-end interviewing platform, enabling you to hire fast and fair.

In one week, we had 10,000 candidates apply, and hired 2,000. Sapia.ai enabled us to make offers in under 24 hours in some cases, knowing that those offers were going to the best candidates, and the interview process was fair and engaging.

Keri Foti, Head of Advisory & Talent Acquisition Services, Woolworths Australia

Hire at speed, and

With confidence

When hiring at pace, it’s all too easy to hire people you’re not sure about. With an Ai Smart Interviewer on your hiring team, you can be confident that only the right talent will come your way.


Fast and fair

Because our interviews are mobile-friendly, untimed, and text-based, you’re opening your company up to the widest possible talent pool. Our Smart Interviewer gives everyone an opportunity to be right for the role, and you’re ensuring that there’s no bias at the top of your hiring funnel.

How about these hiring stats?


Ad > Offer in 24 hours


Candidate Happiness


Completion Rate


Average hours saved monthly


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