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Average completion rate

Across our customers, more than 8 out of 10 candidates complete their application – that’s around double the average. It’s fast, flexible, and free from pressure.

Candidate satisfaction

We ask candidates how they feel about our interview process, and how they feel about you. You get a rating, but also first-hand feedback. (Spoiler: Candidates love Sapia.ai).

More likely to recommend you

Because we give everyone an interview and personalized feedback, candidates are much more likely to rave about your brand. It’s an easy way to boost your EVP!

How it works

A simple four-step process

  1. Sapia.ai interviews, screens, and ranks every single applicant for you.
  2. All candidates receive personalized insights about themselves and their interview.
  3. You decide whom you want to approach for video or final interviews.
  4. Make an offer, and hire!
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Designed to make your life easier

No-fuss integrations with the leading ATS providers

Our products fit seamlessly into your HR tech stack. We have no-fuss integrations with the leading ATS providers, and we can build custom integrations, too. After just days, you’ll see the cost and time savings – and the bigger your team, the bigger the savings.

The key difference in fair hiring, at scale

“Not only have we hired three times more ethnic minorities and 1.5 times more women, but we now have twice as many LGBTQI+ colleagues in our business than we did three years ago! …The game changer has been Sapia.ai, as we’ve had some direct feedback from a transgender colleague that they felt more confident with our recruitment process than they did in other applications!”

David Nally, HR Manager, Woodie’s UK

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