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Our AI Smart Interviewer not only finds the best talent; our insights platform elevates the experience for people and helps hiring teams make the best decisions.

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Chat Interview

The next-generation interview

When it comes to recruitment, the right kind of interview is everything. That’s why we transformed the old-fashioned face-to-face interview into an intuitive smart chat interview, coupled with a friendly video interview at the second stage. Just two stages, and you’ve found the person you need.

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The power of structured interviews

Interviews and profiles for every candidate – automated

Once we determine with you the type of traits and people you’re looking for, we construct a structured interview with Smart Interviewer, with the five questions needed to get the talent you’re after. You simply post a link to it in your job ad. Done.

Smart Interviewer then analyses the responses and ranks the right people for you, and gives you full insight into the person, so you never need to look at another CV again. Couldn’t be easier.

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Why a chat-based experience? It’s zero stress

Texting is second nature to people now, so giving people the chance to express themselves in their own words, and in their own time, makes complete sense. Our interview process reduces interview jitters and helps people to shine. It’s also how we get these awesome stats:

 Positive Sentiment
 Completion Rate

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