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Save time and hire fast with AI chat interviewing

Our AI Smart Interviewer automates the scheduling, screening, interviewing and assessing. You get a curated shortlist of top candidates, and full control over your talent strategy.

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The challenge

Modern hiring needs an efficiency boost.

An average time-to-hire of 40 days. Hiring costs in excess of $2,000 per candidate. An average turnover rate of 60-70%. Old-fashioned interview practices are hurting big businesses. Talent acquisition managers are run off their feet. Hiring managers are frustrated. We see you.

No one’s time is best served by screening or sifting through resumés. The right kind of automation can ease your worries, get good talent in fast, and prove that recruitment is not a cost center.

So, instead, we:

Do your interviewing and assessing for you.

Once we determine with you the type of traits and people you’re looking for, we construct a structured interview with our AI Smart Interviewer, with the five questions needed to get the talent you’re after. You simply post a link to it in your job ad. Done.

No more resumés, no more cover letters. You get a curated shortlist of talent, and full control over who you hire. Couldn’t be easier.

And better candidate quality through soft skills

Text is one of the best, fairest, and most reliable ways to determine a candidate’s soft skills, behavior traits, and overall cognitive ability.

When our AI interviews applicants, it uses only text responses for its analysis – and our customers love the results.

How it works

Give your hiring managers a curated shortlist

  1. Sapia.ai interviews, screens, and ranks every single applicant for you.
  2. All candidates receive personalized insights about themselves and their interview.
  3. You decide whom you want to approach for video or final interviews.
  4. Make an offer, and hire!

Customized to you

Backed by real psychology

No two businesses are the same – you’ve got your own values, challenges, and talent needs, and we will help you solve yours. When you start with us, our psychologists will learn what you’re all about, and help you craft a set of questions for each role type you’re looking to hire for. You’ll have expert guidance and the final say over what you want to ask your candidates.

Automate your hiring across multiple languages

No translation needed. With more than 20% of the US population speaking a language other than English, multilingual needs to be in your candidate offering. Our Chat Interview is available in English, Spanish, French Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish.

Whether you need to hire candidates with certain languages, or you have a cohort of candidates who are more comfortable interviewing in their first language, our inclusive chat interview experience can support you.

Why a chat-based experience? It’s zero stress

Texting is second nature to people now, so giving people the chance to express themselves in their own words, and in their own time, makes complete sense. Our interview process reduces interview jitters and helps people to shine. It’s also how we get these awesome stats:

 Positive Sentiment
 Completion Rate

How Australia’s biggest private employer succeeds with Sapia.ai

Using Sapia.ai’s AI Smart Interviewer, Woolworths can interview 1 million people per year and hire 50,000 – achieving a candidate satisfaction score of 9/10.

“Using Sapia.ai, we’ve cut 10 days from the time someone applies to the day they start.”

Keri Foti
Head of Talent Acquisition, Woolworths Group

Woolworths case study

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