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“It’s been groundbreaking.”

That’s Tash Sanjay, HR Director of Clemenger Group Retail Services, talking about smart hiring automation. Hers is just one of many success stories – we help our customers see massive improvements to efficiency, candidate experience, sourcing, diversity, and more. Browse the best here.

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Solving time-to-hire for Woolworths Group

“Using, we’ve cut 10 days from the time someone applies to the day they start. In some cases, we can hire in as little as 24 hours.”

Keri Foti
Head of TA, Woolworths Group

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Efficiency and quality

Going beyond speed-to-hire for Clemenger Group

“The initial reason to go with was speed to hire. But now, it’s become much more of a talking point about the holistic benefits of AI… we couldn’t function, given the amount of hires we do, without it.

“We saw that there were many traditional personality tests, and that sort of thing… Nothing was tailored to what our business values were. We didn’t have the choice element. So what I like most about implementation with was that it could tailor models and personality traits to specific roles, like a retail-based role.”

Tash Sanjay
HR Director, Clemenger Group Retail Services

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Completion rate

Boosting Qantas’ completion rate by 86%

Before coming to, Qantas was screening thousands of candidates using another popular video interview solution – and only retaining just 50% of candidates. After switching to chat interviewing, 93% of candidates complete the application.

“It has been truly transformational while delivering on our promise to give everyone a true Aussie ‘fair go’ by removing bias from applications. is an innovative Australian text interview talent intelligence platform. Every applicant now receives a first interview via text chat.”

Michael Eizenberg
Head of Qantas Group Talent, Digital and Analytics

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Candidate experience

Transforming candidate experience (and NPS) for Wolt

Wolt (DoorDash) uses to hire candidates across 16 countries. In the first three months, Wolt saved 850 hours normally spent screening and interviewing.

Better still, candidate satisfaction is now at 8.8/10, and Wolt’s NPS rating for rejected candidates jumped by 44 points (to +51)!

“This is a new and perfect way for interviewing.”

Happy Wolt candidate

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Achieving near-zero bias for Spark NZ

“Our digital ‘chat’ interviews allow candidates to respond in their own time and in the comfort of their own homes, removing some of the pressures candidates face with more traditional job interviews, particularly introverts and neurodivergent candidates.

It’s important for us to be accessible to everyone because if you can’t connect with us from day one, then we haven’t charted a course for people to feel a sense of belonging and pride with Spark.

So far, the data from demonstrates that we’ve achieved a near-complete removal of bias in the recommendation process.”

Heather Polglase
Director, People and Culture
Spark New Zealand

Graduate hiring

Finding top grad talent for a global telco

This telco was looking to improve candidate reach and efficiency for North American graduate recruitment via smart hiring automation.

In the first two months, the team achieved an 8.6/10 candidate happiness score, a 96% completion rate, and they interviewed 3,885 candidates to find their newest team members.

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We believe every single person should have the right to a flexible, unbiased, dignified interview experience. Candidate satisfaction is at 90% across all of our customers – and when you look at these first-hand candidate reviews, you can see why.

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