Volume hiring case study

How Wolt redefined volume hiring and candidate satisfaction

After establishing itself as the premier restaurant delivery service in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, Wolt needed to hire people across multiple countries, and fast. They had three choices: hire a truckload more recruiters, outsource to an RPO at huge expense, or use smart technology to deliver scale.

Our Ai Smart Interviewer was the secret ingredient.

In this volume hiring case study, you’ll learn how:

  • Wolt successfully interviewed 2,000 candidates and hired more than 200 in the first three months of using our Smart Interviewer
  • Our Chat Interview experience resulted in an 8.8/10 Candidate Happiness Score
  • Our Smart Interviewer caused a 44-point jump in Wolt’s NPS score for rejected candidates

And more!

“This was an awesome interview, the questions are very open minded, also I want to appreciate the IT team for creating something wonderful like this, something that you don’t see anywhere else and that what makes Wolt very special.”

A very happy Wolt candidate

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