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Whether you’re losing candidates to competitors, struggling to find candidates that align with your values, or unable to reach diversity targets, a Smart Interviewer can help.

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Save your retail managers hours and hours

Filling positions in retail can feel relentless. Dealing with open roles and constant churn means lost revenue and unhappy customers. With our automated interview process, Sapia can have you hiring and backfilled in less than 24 hours. And with a fair and inclusive interview process, your business diversity objectives are sorted.

In retail, every potential applicant is a potential customer. So give them a positive experience and they’ll feel positive about your brand – even if they’re not hired.

How Woolworths Group solved volume hiring

Contact Centres

Get offers to the best candidates, fast

In high pressure contact centre environments, you need people with a laser focus on service, teamwork or customer care. We work with you to identify the traits needed for success, and assess accordingly. So you’re not only hiring fast, you’re hiring the best.

By giving every candidate a blind interview, and measuring diversity through the hiring process, you can tackle bias head on.


A first-class experience to match your brand

Whether you’re ramping up recruitment post COVID, or managing surge hiring, Sapia’s platform scales effortlessly, reducing the pressure on your hiring team. And with a fair and inclusive hiring process, there’s no bias at the top of the funnel.

By interviewing and providing feedback to every candidate, your candidate experience will align with your customer experience.

How Qantas offers first-class candidate experience

One of the reasons we went with Sapia was the fact that they were so candidate centric, as well as the transparency around their AI, which too often happens in a black box. They also really hold themselves accountable to the claims they make around bias mitigation. Their platform was built to make sure that candidates have a positive experience, something ‘games’ cannot do. It also makes sure that candidates get something back from taking the time to put in a job application. We have seen consistently extraordinary feedback from candidates and real diversity in hires.

Head of Qantas Group Talent & People Analytics

RPO staffing

Make outsourced hiring fast and fair

Process. Process. Process. Outsourcing agreements often lead to inefficiencies and increased time to hire. With Sapia, automation is king. We reduce the complexity of the hiring process, reducing cost and time to hire.

An engaging interview experience and personalised feedback for every candidate creates a gold standard for big brands.

I am a huge believer in the power of technology to effect change for both the individual and organisations, to remove bias and create more equality in the world, to dignify, to empower, to teach through feedback, and to save that scarcest of resource – time. Since meeting the team at Sapia two years ago I was impressed at their ambition to deliver to all of those aspirations and now we are seeing their technology have that impact for our own clients. Technology like this is the future of hiring.”

Michael Smith, CEO, Randstad Sourceright

Graduate Hiring

Brands competing for the top graduates need an A+ experience

Grads today are more discerning than ever, and the top ones want the top jobs. Providing the opportunity to interview through an engaging, modern and relevant chat will differentiate you from the competition.

You get to look beyond CVs, beyond the school they went to or their extra-curricular activities. You focus on who the candidates are, not where they’re from.


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