Live Interview

Seamless Interview Scheduling

Bulk scheduling interviews using your ATS or manually takes too long, results in no-shows, and is frustrating for everyone involved.

So we decided to fix it.

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For the Schedulers

Efficient bulk scheduling from your ATS

Never leave your ATS: Schedule interviews seamlessly via a browser extension that integrates with your ATS.

No calendar, no problem! You won’t be forced to pull in a calendar that none of your hiring managers use.

Generate timeslots using Gen AI: Quickly input hiring manager availability using free text and we’ll translate it into time-slots

Do it in bulk: Send times to multiple candidates, for multiple interviewers at the same time.

For Interviewers

Stress-free interviews that you won’t forget

Plan ahead: Get a daily run sheet of scheduled interviews straight to your inbox or mobile so you can plan your day.

Come prepared: Access candidate insights profiles and personalized interview questions from the run sheet so you’re ready to interview every time.

Never run late or forget an interview again: Get reminders via email & SMS about upcoming interviews so you won’t leave a candidate hanging.

For Candidates

Stop no-shows and deliver a 5-star booking experience 

Reach the candidate where they are: Email & SMS invites and reminders ensure they get your message.

Reduce no-shows: Easily book & reschedule directly from the email or SMS – no need for them to log into the ATS.

Seamless booking: mobile and desktop-friendly booking page that makes it quick to book in.

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