Video Interviews, that candidates will complete

With’s smart hiring automation, AI-enhanced video interviews integrate seamlessly into an AI-driven end-to-end hiring solution that’s engaging for candidates, liberating for hiring managers, and effective in reducing bias in the AI interview and recruitment process.


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The challenge

Video interviews are being used in the wrong way

Initially, video interview software was designed to simply replace the face-to-face interview, with no consideration of how candidates might engage with video upfront. As a first interaction, it’s intimidating, and likely to see low completion rates and low satisfaction rates.

When you move video down the funnel and design the experience to be low-pressure and easy to engage with, you’ll see completion rates of 77% and higher, and an overall candidate satisfaction rating of 9/10.

Your second step in better, faster hiring

On completion of their chat interview, the top people are automatically progressed to video, still in a chat-based environment in which they can record responses to simple questions, in their own time.

This removes wasted time on scheduling and no-shows so hiring managers can focus on picking the best people – while they’re engaged, and before they’re snapped up by the competition.

A Video Interview that candidates consistently rate 9/10

We were worried about video being exclusionary. So we made some critical decisions when designing the interview experience, which have led to industry-leading satisfaction and completion rates.

Blind scoring to enable fairer hiring decisions

Multi-assessor capability enables a panel review style process for organizations. Only recruiters can view other assessors’ ratings, reducing conformity bias by ensuring hiring managers aren’t influenced by others’ ratings and comments when reviewing a candidate.

A consistent chat platform

Delivered through the same interface as Chat Interview, Video Interview puts people at ease because it looks and feels just like the Chat Interview experience. Candidates can rehearse and record as many takes as they like, and there’s no overall time limit, which means they’ll be as calm and confident as possible. The consistency and flexibility of the process is a big win for your employer brand.

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