Why do hiring teams love Sapia.ai?

It’s like having the world’s most experienced interviewer on your team, who finds the best candidates quickly and fairly (and keeps them super happy).

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Find hidden talent

An AI Chat Interview for every candidate

With Sapia.ai, everyone that applies is automatically invited to a structured interview over chat.  

With unlimited candidates always included, you can

  • widen your talent pool,
  • save a lot of time and money in screening, and
  • ensure an inclusive process where everyone gets a fair go. 

Boost your employer brand

Give candidates an experience they deserve

Fact: If you give candidates a bad experience on application, chances are you’ll lose ’em before they’re even in the door. Our interviews are engaging, low-pressure, and convenient. It’s no wonder candidates score them 9/10. 


Be confident you’re using

Ai that’s backed by published, peer-reviewed science

When it comes to understanding language and using it to determine role-fit, we wrote the book (or the papers if you want to get technical). 

Sapia Labs is our team of data and people scientists that work tirelessly to ensure that the Ai we’re building is ethical and based on science. See our published research and whitepapers here


Improve performance with

Recommendations that align with business outcomes

Whether you’re hiring for performance, to reduce churn, or simply cultural fit, our Ai Smart Interviewer will do it. 

Smart Interviewer matches people accurately to the jobs most right for them by constructing a profile on each candidate: personality traits, communication skills, and more.

Stop ghosting

Give every candidate personalized insights

Our smart touch experience enables you to get back to every candidate with a personalized insights profile, without lifting a finger. 

Candidates love being acknowledged, and getting useful insights is the cherry on top. Boost your EVP with a world-class candidate experience and stop being “that company that never got back to me”. 

Reduce dropout with

A Video Interview candidates actually like

You want your candidates to shine, so we designed a video experience that candidates can relax into, easing jitters and allowing every candidate to give their best.

With a Completion Rate of over 75% and Candidate Happiness at 9/10, we’d bet you can’t find another video interview that candidates will like more.

Improve offer velocity

Automated workflows create frictionless hiring

First-mover has the advantage, and with Sapia.ai, you can get offers to candidates within 24 hours. Candidates are automatically shortlisted and progressed to the next stage, enabling you to focus simply on picking the best. 

Save money on hiring

Give precious time back to busy hiring managers

Hiring managers spend so much time on recruitment, when they could be putting that time back into the business.

Asynchronous interviewing allows hiring managers to fit recruitment into their schedules. No more time (and money) wasted on scheduling and no-shows, let Smart Interviewer do the work so they can focus on making the right hiring decisions. 

Forget the CV

Objective, data-backed insights for hiring teams

A detailed AI interview profile for every candidate, featuring communication skills, traits breakdown, and personality insights, helps hiring teams make better-informed decisions. And with recommended interview questions and a verbatim transcript of their AI Chat Interview, it’s basically an AI-enhanced Interviewing-101 for every hiring manager.

A seamless experience

Integrated to your ATS

We integrate easily with the leading ATS and HR tech providers, like Workday, SmartRecruiters, SAP SuccessFactors, eArcu, Lever, PageUp and more. We can build custom integrations, too. Get going super fast and give candidates and hiring teams a frictionless experience. 

Make managing candidates easy

Intuitive candidate management platform

If you don’t use an ATS or want to pilot without integrating, our platform makes it super simple to manage candidates through interview stages.

  • Unlimited candidates & vacancies 
  • Automated shortlisting based on interview scoring 
  • Automated & manual stage progression 
  • Search/filter/sort candidate lists
  • Invite candidates directly or via branded link 

Make your employer brand shine

Fully personalized and branded experiences

All candidate-facing experiences are personalized to your brand, with customizable colors, logos, and wording for all interviews, insights, and communications. 

Upload videos to the interview introduction to showcase your brand or the role on offer, and even ask interview questions in video format for a personalized touch.  

Boost satisfaction

World-class candidate and user support

Our technology supports hiring teams and candidates from day one with self-service and live support available. 

For one of our customers – data shown here – just 3% of candidates sought help during the interview process. Most were able to resolve their issues themselves, but 81% of the rest found their resolution within five hours. Now that’s good service.

Deploy in a few days

Industry-leading implementation process

To your inner project managers’ delight – we’re proud to have led some of the most seamless implementations known to man. With a customer success team certified in change management, and a global tech team that works around the clock, you can be confident that implementing our Smart Interviewer will be quick and simple.

Keep your data safe

Enterprise-grade security

At Sapia.ai, we protect your data like the crown jewels. All of our products are secure and sovereign by design. We are ISO27001 certified, SOC 2 Type 2 & GDPR compliant, and we continuously work to ensure that our products are secure and compliant with our customers’ requirements. 

And, we’re always ready to answer any question from the most scrupulous of CISO’s, with ready made documentation that’ll make getting sign off from your IT and security teams a doddle.