Efficient shortlisting

Streamline Your Screening Process

Discover the power of simplified candidate evaluation. Talent Hub by Sapia.ai condenses your screening tasks into one seamless platform, reducing clicks to shortlist by up to 75%. Spend less time navigating systems and more time engaging with top-tier talent.

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Top Recruiters Embrace AI As Their Co-pilot

Talent Hub by Sapia.ai gives hiring teams access to all the data and insights they need in one place, to make fair and accurate talent decisions at scale. With direct ATS integration, now recruiters can easily review, compare and shortlist candidates quickly, with the best information available to make the smartest decisions.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Data-Driven Hiring, Human Touch

Elevate your recruitment game with Sapia.ai’s Smart Interviewer. Uncover nuanced candidate insights and comprehensive assessment scores in Talent Hub, empowering you to make informed hiring decisions. Let data amplify your intuition, ensuring you find the perfect match for every role.

Empowering Recruiter Impact

Enabling Life-Changing Recruitment

With every shortlist, you influence careers. Talent Hub facilitates impactful decisions by providing a comprehensive view of each candidate. Empower yourself to make the right choices, knowing that your selections positively impact individuals’ professional journeys.

ATS Integration

Direct Integration for Seamless Shortlisting

Access Talent Hub straight from your ATS requisition. Effortlessly review and compare Talent Insights profiles and Video Interview responses for precise and efficient shortlisting. Say goodbye to excessive clicks and screens with our seamless Sapia.ai experience layer.

How leading UK retailer hires faster with Sapia.ai

Leveraging Sapia.ai as their co-pilot, wellbeing retailer Holland & Barrett reduced their time to hire by 66%.

“Applying for a job with Holland & Barrett is quick and easy. You can do it on your mobile or computer in less than 15 minutes. We can hire fast, and onboard faster.”

Maria Dvorman
Head of Recruitment, Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett case study

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