Graduate recruitment case study

How a global telco won at graduate recruitment (and candidate experience)

37 days. 3,880 engineering graduate candidates interviewed. 8.6/10 candidate satisfaction score.

Sapia’s technology helped drastically streamline the sourcing and interviewing process for one of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies.

In this graduate case study, learn how the telco achieved:

  • 3,885 candidate interviews in just 37 days
  • 96% interview completion rate
  • 8.6/10 Candidate Happiness Score
  • Incredible candidate experience: “This is a great way to conduct an interview as it offers equal chances to everyone avoiding biases based on origins/accent and any other factors”.

And more!

“This was a new, unique experience and I really enjoyed it! Interviews can be loaded with pressure, but this format made it feel natural, comfortable, and allowed me the time and space to be able to articulate my answers in a way I feel comfortable with. Thank you for the experience and opportunity!”

A very happy graduate candidate

Graduate recruitment made simple


Candidate happiness score


Interview completion rate


Grads interviewed in 37 days