Making recruitment simple

Hiring today is harder than it should be.

With our AI Smart Interviewer, you can hire more efficiently, find the talent your business needs, minimize costs, and delight 90% of candidates.

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Use cases

Make diversity progress you can stand by

Antiquated recruitment processes can bring old school biases. Not with We improve diversity through a radically fair interview process. If that weren’t enough, our analytics identifies bias in hiring decisions – so they won’t continue to affect your recruitment process. That’s full-on transparency, and as fair as it gets for candidates.

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We’ve fixed

The broken system

When something is broken, you have to fix it. We know that hiring from CVs and interviews – the way of the early 1900s – is riddled with biases, and leads to unfair outcomes. It’s the human way. Our Ai, whose outcomes and functions are totally explainable, is the perfect tool to conduct unbiased hiring and, in turn, increase diversity.

We’ve hired three times more ethnic minorities and 1.5 times more women in the past 3 months than we had using our traditional approach! In a matter of weeks, we have jumped years ahead of achieving our diversity ambitions. It’s done more to help us achieve our D&I goals than all our unconscious bias training!

David Nally, HR Manager, Woodies Ireland

We’re blinded

By the light

At the end of our tunnel is a world where people are assessed only for the things that matter in the role. So we made our Smart Interviewer truly blind – it sees no demographic data, and only analyses written responses.

We turn data into diversity

Because we turn data into objective insights, we recognise peoples’ strengths and weaknesses, not their appearance or backgrounds. This means no bias, no ‘gut-feels’, and more inclusive, diverse hiring.

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