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6. Blind, science-backed hiring is better for diversity

We know that the right candidate could be anyone. But humans are biased. This applies to recruiters and hiring managers. Whether knowingly or otherwise, we make choices based not on skills, or qualifications, or personality characteristics, but according to our own criteria. Mirror hiring plagues the traditional hiring process. Often, when we talk about “culture fit”, we’re giving ourselves latitude to hire the people most like us.

If you want to find the best person for the job, you’ve got to blindfold your hiring manager with a blind interviewing process. You have to remove names, faces, genders, geographic locations. This approach of blind hiring has worked incredibly well for Woodie’s: Thanks to our blind Smart Interviewer, Woodie’s has hired 1.5 times more women and 3 times more ethnic minorities, showcasing the effectiveness of blind recruitment strategies in promoting diversity.

“I am a huge believer in the power of technology to effect change for both the individual and organisations, to remove bias and create more equality in the world, to dignify, to empower, to teach through feedback, and to save that scarcest of resource – time. Since meeting the team at Sapia two years ago I was impressed at their ambition to deliver to all of those aspirations and now we are seeing their technology have that impact for our own clients. Technology like this is the future of hiring.”

Michael Smith, CEO
Randstad Sourceright


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