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4. Get personality proof

Valid, explainable personality science goes hand-in-hand with recruiting. Despite this, both recruiters and hiring managers are reluctant to assess candidates on personality. This is in no small part thanks to the popularity of not-scientifically-valid tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the emerging trend of asking “oddball” personality questions in interviews in order to suggest a “playful culture”.

HR, historically speaking, loves the MBTI. It’s the feel-good test, more useful as a team-building or morale-boosting mechanism than a gauge or predictor of employee potential. However, a lot of people who know that the MBTI is not an appropriate tool for recruitment also believe that personality science, as a whole, has little to prove. Enter HEXACO.

The HEXACO personality inventory is a six-dimensional model of human personality:

  • Honesty-Humility
  • Emotionality
  • eXtraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness to experience

We could write an entire book about HEXACO and its scientific validity – if you’re interested in learning more, this site has the information you need. Suffice it to say, HEXACO has been used to predict employee performance and success with startling levels of accuracy, more than most other personality models. So much so that our Smart Interviewer Ai uses HEXACO to build an accurate personality profile of every candidate it interviews.

How effective is our Smart Interviewer? More than 90% of candidates love the personality insights they receive post-interview. What’s more, we’ve helped scores of global companies completely remove their hiring challenges, the easiest way – by removing the potential for hiring manager bias. For example, Woolworths Group (AU) was able to reduce its time-to-hire to 39 hours, on average.

You can only achieve this kind of efficiency through a combination of blind, structured interviewing, and accurate personality modeling.


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