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2. Rebalancing the hiring triangle

When you apply a time-based weighting to each of the three major steps in the hiring process, the inefficiencies become clear. So, to make an impact on your ability to fill roles in a timely fashion, the focus should be on hiring team sign-off, because that part of the process is measured in weeks. Lagtime like this can result in cost blow-outs in the seven figures. Besides automating the majority of this process, our Smart Interviewer arms you with indisputable data proving that the candidates you’ve recommended are among those best fit for the job. These data are made up of personality characteristics, behavioural traits, soft skills, experiences, and more. They are the ultimate counter-argument to “not a culture fit”.

At Woodie’s, a hardware store chain in Ireland, our Smart Interviewer helped increase hiring manager acceptance by more than 2.5 times.


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