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Talent acquisition transformation: First things first

You know that it’s more difficult than ever to secure great talent. Candidates are asking more from you than they ever have, and, for the first time in a long time, they have the luxury of choice.

For many HR, Talent Acquisition, and hiring teams, this reality has prompted a back-to-square-one approach. Over the past year, you may have asked yourself any (or all) of the following questions:

  • How well do our recruitment processes really work? 
  • Does our team have the right skills, in the right places? 
  • Where are our inefficiencies, biases, leaks? 
  • How do we balance our commitments to diversity and inclusion with the urgent need to fill holes in our teams, right now?
  • Do we need to review our entire culture from the ground-up? 
  • When will this all go back to normal? Will it?

In our experience, this brand of soul-searching leads many Talent Acquisition and hiring teams to invest in the technologies that automate (and therefore, simplify) hiring. We do recommend tech, of course, but we also recommend you start with this checklist. It will help you prepare for change by helping you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your recruitment game – both of which can then be optimized by the right technological solution.


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