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Use our HEXACO job interview rubric for better hiring

Now you have insight into the ideal personality profile and skills required for three of the most common retail roles. It’s time to put the theory into practice with our HEXACO job interview rubric. This rubric will help you dive into the roles you’re looking to fill – even if they’re not the ones detailed in this guide – and devise HEXACO personality profiles for those roles. From there, you can use the huge list of questions in the rubric to interview candidates. The questions are categorised by their relevance into each dimension of the HEXACO inventory, which means you can more accurately assess and rate candidates according to the role profile you’ve devised.

  1. Download the HEXACO job interview rubric here. It’s a Google Sheet, which means you can easily make a copy of the template and edit it as you see fit.
  2. Review your role type DNA. Decide on the personality profile that suits your key role types. To make things easier, we’ve added common retail role types to the rubric already.
  3. Build your interview rubric using our proven questions. Use the rubric to finalize a list of effective interview questions based on the key role type DNA you devised in step two.

(Did you know: Woodie’s, a hardware store chain in Ireland, used our Smart Interviewer to increase hiring manager acceptance by more than 2.5 times.)


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