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Intro: Finding the right retail staff, now

Last year, in the US alone, it was estimated that 15.7 million people were employed in the retail industry. In May of 2021, there were 1.6 million more job postings than at the same time in 2020. COVID-19 did a number on retailers, but things are getting better, and there’s certainly plenty of work out there right now.

Problem is, new employee turnover is also riding high: 60 to 75%, according to Korn Ferry (via GoRemotely). This spells a perfect storm for retail businesses – one that requires a fast response.

You are among the many retail businesses who need good workers, now. Statistically speaking, just under a third of your workers may be looking for a new opportunity. You need a reliable way to find applicants, vet them, and get them to stay.

That’s what this guide is for. We’ve helped companies like AirCanada, Iceland Foods, Woodie’s, Virgin Media O2, and Holland & Barrett transform their hiring processes, bringing in top-notch workers that are more likely to stick around. Our Smart Interviewer is the solution, of course, but don’t worry – this guide is full of practical tips and insights you can use to hire the right retail staff, even if you don’t use our technology.

We know how to hire the right people because we’ve spent years interviewing them –using our Ai Smart Interviewer – and successfully matching them to roles. Our massive dataset paints a comprehensive picture of the ideal retail worker, down to personality traits, behaviours, soft skills, and competencies. In this guide, we’ll share this picture with you – and we’ll also provide you a set of interview questions designed to help you find the ideal retail worker for your business.

“We’ve had five times payback in four months, giving back 8,000 hours to the business. Less than £1 per applicant to deliver 99% positive sentiment… that’s a game-changer for Iceland!”

Head of Talent Acquisition, Iceland Foods


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