Welcome, innovator!

You want to make a change. Maybe you’re feeling some pain, and you know that you need to try something new if you’re going to truly make a difference to how your organization recruits. Congratulations! You’re in very good company.

By 2025, it’s expected that the global recruitment software market will be worth more than USD$3 billion. In the grand scheme of things, that’s really quite a modest amount. We’re only in the early stages of adoption of, and belief in, the tools that will usher in a new age of hiring.

According to estimates by Gartner, 47% of companies already use some form of Ai-based technology to aid HR operations. That sounds like a progressive statistic, but it doesn’t tell the full story: When it comes to assessment and hiring, specifically, many HR industry leaders and companies do not yet fully trust Ai to do the job.

At Sapia, we see this every day. The objections are understandable, but they’re based on faulty assumptions. The good news – we know that Ai can transform hiring, and in doing so, empower recruiters and give incredible experiences to all candidates. We’ve proven the concept, many times over. We’ve successfully implemented our Ai Smart Interviewer for some of the world’s top companies, including Holland & Barrett, Virgin Media O2, Iceland Foods, Wolt, Qantas, AirCanada, and many others.

Our customers love it. And, more importantly, they know that our technology won’t take anyone’s job. It doesn’t impede diversity and inclusion (in fact, it helps it, greatly). And it certainly isn’t plotting to turn us all into batteries.

Apprehension about Ai is just one of the many barriers to implementation you will face as a forward-thinking HR leader. It will probably be the main one. But let’s say you have made the choice to invest in Ai for recruitment, and you’ve expertly dispelled the Terminator objection. What’s next? How do you actually implement your solution, ensuring it is set up for success?

The knowledge in this guide has been compiled both from our own experience helping our partners successfully implement world-first AI tech; and from seeing the challenges companies have run into with other providers.


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