Create a comprehensive stakeholder map

Ai recruitment technology touches all facets of a business, not least because hiring managers from all departments will likely be using it. And the touchpoints go deeper than most people realize.

Before starting the process of implementation, map out all the needs, wishes, and pain points of all departments. You’ll need representatives from each to help you out.

The five steps of good ai stakeholder mapping

  1. Identify and list all the potential stakeholders. Be exhaustive. Include execs and entry-level team members, if necessary. You can always reduce the cohort later.
  2. Categorize your stakeholders. This part is specific to your company, but broadly speaking, you want to bundle them by department: ‘Management’, ‘Marketing’, ‘IT’, ‘Legal’, ‘Consultants’, and so on.
  3. Identify, for each category, where your challenges and opportunities lie. Identify pain points, potential restraints, potential objections, which teams have the most resources to contribute to the project, and which teams stand to gain the most from the implementation of the technology. Again, be exhaustive.
  4. Prioritize the categories. There are many ways to do this, but we like Miro’s approach:
    1. High-power, high-interest. These are the people you want to manage closely, and include in your main project team.
    2. High-power, low-interest. These are generally your executive team members and consultants. They care about the success and the financials, but not about the details.
    3. Low-power, high-interest. These are entry-level team members and department heads who may benefit but don’t have a lot of impact or influence on implementation. Keep them in the know.
    4. Low-power, low-interest. These are your team members that will have little-to-no involvement with the technology, its benefits, or its costs. Monitor them, and answer questions as needed.
  5. Form your project group. Communicate with all identified stakeholders, according to your levels of prioritization. As with the prioritization step, there’s no one way of communicating efficiently.


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