Create a compelling success story

As with any organizational change, having a solid narrative around its potential for success will pay dividends when it comes to getting stakeholders on board.

This part is all about data, metrics, analytics, and intelligence. Not as fun as the talent-hunting and hiring part, strictly speaking, but just as critical.

What are the objectives? What will our business look like before, and after? What’s the ROI? The questions will come thick and fast, but if you’re prepared for them, it’ll make your case even more compelling.

Crafting good stories is just as much the task of your provider as it is yours. The best ones will help you deliver solid (and, in many cases, amazing) proof-points to stakeholders, showing that the decision you’ve made is a good one. Whether it concerns efficiency, candidate experience, DEI, cost savings, or some other objective, your provider should be arming you with the data you need to excite your advocates and silence your critics.

We at Sapia take data and talent intelligence seriously. We do this because we love data, but also because data is an essential component of a fair and transparent Ai system. Our insights engine can deliver all manner of intelligence straight to you.

We’ll work with you to uncover cost and time savings, set new goals and benchmarks, and more.

Critical metrics that prove success

  • Offer rate and candidate quality
  • Interview completion rate %
  • Candidate satisfaction score
  • Diversity through the funnel


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