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Language defines who we are – it’s what makes us human. It encodes deep signals that reveal our personality, our skills, and our experiences. Looking at it through the lens of personality theory, lexical analysis of language helps us to discover and understand personality traits. And we get better at it all the time.

Language is a mirror of mind in a deep and significant sense. It is a product of human intelligence… By studying the properties of natural languages, their structure, organization, and use, we may hope to learn something about human nature; something significant…

Noam Chomsky, Reflections on Language (1975)

In job interviews, we gain insights through language. However, face-to-face interviews are flawed: In person, we deduce and infer and conclude things about each other through visual and audial signals. That is where biases, those both conscious and unconscious, come into play. You might think you know someone, but you may just be looking in a funhouse mirror.

The best

Of both worlds

Our Smart Interviewer combines the benefits of the traditional job interview with the latest in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning, to enable fairer and more objective analysis of interview responses.

Our Smart Interviewer uses:

  1. Structured interviews, where the same questions are asked of every candidate in a controlled conversation flow, and evaluated using a well-defined scoring rubric. Structured interviews have proven to be one of the most reliably predictive selection methods concerning future job performance, and they significantly reduce bias when compared to unstructured interviews.
  2. A blind text-chat based interview. By ingesting only the text responses as fed to our Ai, the evaluation remains free of bias-inducing visual and audial signals.
  3. Peer-reviewed research, and the latest advances in NLP, machine learning and optimization algorithms. We are able to extract the language signals that reliably predict job performance, such as personality traits, behavioral competencies, and language skills. In doing so, we can provide an unbiased assessment of each candidate’s interview responses.

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