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Our Smart Interviewer has interviewed over 2.7 million people, responding to over 6 million questions and sharing over 630 million words. Needless to say, our AI is a great learner. And everything it learns helps us to a build a better understanding of candidates, their personalities, and their suitability for roles.

The way our Smart Interviewer works makes it distinct from psychometric assessments. Unlike traditional psychometric assessments, which are based on a static success profile of norm data, machine learning is dynamic. This matters because people are complex and performance is not the same across all contexts. Some people may wane in one business culture yet thrive in another.

Our AI continuously learns about your organisation from the compounding results of candidate performance. This data shapes, evolves and refines the success profile against which your candidates are assessed.

Text is familiar and comfortable, and that’s precisely why we use it as the main way to interview people with our interview AI. Then, every word, phrase, bit of syntax, tone, definition, and context they use is added to our machine and deciphered by our interview AI, so we can tell you if that person would be suitable for the role you need filling.

The best part is, we learn all the time. Interviewing thousands of candidates every day with our interview AI means we have more experience than a human recruiter will ever achieve in a lifetime. And by continuously observing our customers and the performance of applicants, we are constantly improving the metrics and profiles your people are assessed against with the insights gained from our interview AI.


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