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How to use your HEXACO job interview rubric

Designed using our massive database and the models of our Ai Smart Interviewer, this rubric will change the way you do job interviews – especially if you do a lot of hiring for the same few roles.

Understanding personality is the key to finding and attracting top talent. This rubric is designed to be used and shared easily among hiring teams, with no training required.

Whether you use a pre-employment assessment tool, applicant tracking system, some other kind of recruitment automation program, or no software solution at all, this tool will fit into your processes and give you the edge you need in the war on talent.

  1. Download the rubric. It’s a Google Sheet, which means you can easily make a copy of the template and edit it as you see fit.
  2. Review your role type DNA. Decide on the personality profile that suits your key role types.
  3. Build your interview rubric using our proven questions. Use the rubric to finalize a list of effective interview questions based on the key role type DNA you devised in step two.


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