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Winning the race for engineering graduate talent

The challenge

This telco was looking to improve candidate reach and efficiency for North American graduate recruitment via smart automation. Maximising inclusion and delivering a first-class candidate experience were also requirements from the company’s hiring team.

With hiring managers deeply invested in hiring the best graduates, equipping them with data driven insights was also important to bring confidence to the new process.

The company had already commenced its recruitment campaign, so fast onboarding was a must.

The solution

Sapia’s Smart Interviewer interviews like your best recruiters, scoring interviews by doing three things distinctly well:

  • Understanding language: Using an open-source natural language processing system from Google – called BERT –  along with a proprietary dataset, Sapia’s Smart Interviewer is able to understand personality (and more) from language better than any previous study including those from IBM and Facebook.
  • Defining good: Using a rules-based model for defining role-fit instead of a classification model. Think interview rubric vs. “our top guy Jack wears red shirts, hire people who wear red shirts.” The interview rubric comes from working with the talent team responsible for the role, defining the ideal profile in terms of traits that matter like accountability and teamwork.
  • Requiring fairness: Unlike other talent assessments, Sapia’s Smart Interviewer has fairness requirements built directly into the model design.


  • Interview every candidate via a smart Chat Interview
  • Make the experience empowering, simple and fair for every candidate
  • Automate personalised insights to exceed candidate expectations
  • Bring the telco’s graduate brand to life in the design of the chat experience
  • Ensure no bias in the screening and recommendations


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