Capture the best candidates, fast with eArcu and Sapia

With a two-stage chat and video-based interview process, our award-winning AI Smart Interviewer transforms your hiring process. 

Integrating Sapia’s Ai Smart Interviewer with eArcu is quick and easy. Once integrated, you’ll hire fast and disrupt bias, with an interview experience that 90%+ of candidates love. 

We’ve integrated eArcu with Sapia for international retailers, airports and merchandising companies, so you can be confident that you’re following in the footsteps of leading organizations.

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Shortlist and make offers with ease

With integration, candidates can complete their end-to-end interview experience within eArcu. Hiring teams can move directly to offer based on the vetted shortlist from Sapia, capturing the best candidates, fast and saving hours of time.

  • Upon completion of their eArcu application, candidates are directed to complete their Chat Interview, a world-first Ai-based blind structured interview.
  • In just 5 questions, our Smart Interviewer finds the right talent for the job. Candidates are ranked and shortlisted based on their role-fit, and scores and recommendations are visible within eArcu.
  • Shortlisted candidates can auto-progress to a low-pressure non-AI Video Interview, rated 9/10 by candidates. Responses are available for hiring teams to rate and review through eArcu.

Insights for everyone

So much more than just an interview platform, Sapia’s powerful Ai Smart Interviewer generates insights that delight candidates, inform hiring managers and drive your business forward.

  • Every candidate receives personalized, professional insights from their Chat Interview. Leave candidates feeling valued and elevate your brand, and ever ghost a candidate again!
  • A comprehensive Talent Insights profile for every candidate helps teams make the right hiring decisions. These profiles are accessible via a link in eArcu.
  • Available separate to the eArcu integration, our Discover Insights platform enables leaders to measure key performance metrics including ROI and candidate experience, and powerful insights to highlight and interrupt bias through the hiring funnel.

APIs and docs that’ll

Make your integration team smile

Our native API integration makes it a breeze to integrate eArcu with Sapia, no middleware required. Documentation and support are available from our team of integration warriors, ensuring that implementing and managing the integration is a walk in the park. 


A simple implementation process

Your inner project manager’s dream

Our experienced implementation team has led the most seamless of integrations with eArcu. With a customer success team certified in change management and an experienced global tech team that works around the clock, you can be confident that integrating eArcu with Sapia will be quick and simple.

Adored by candidates and hiring teams


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Why do hiring teams love Sapia?

A seamless screening & interview process

It’s like having the world’s smartest interviewer on your team, who takes care of screening, interviewing & shortlisting candidates, so you can focus on picking the best.

Interview everyone efficiently and get insights to make smarter hiring decisions. 


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A human-centred candidate experience

That reveals the potential in everyone who applies

In a two-step chat and video interview process, candidates can relax and express themselves naturally. No games, no gimmicks, no lengthy tests. Just smart, honest conversation.

Our customers have cracked the candidate experience code, enjoying application completion rates in excess of 80%, and candidate satisfaction scores of more than 90%. Everyone gets an interview, and no one is ghosted. Ever.

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How to find your purple squirrels, fast

You know the story: You’ve been working with a hiring manager, for months, to fill a role. You’ve looked through hundreds of resumes, and have recommended dozens of candidates for interviews. The resumes look good, the qualifications are all there, and none of the initial phone screens uncovered any red flags.

When hiring managers become purple squirrel hunters, you’re in for a challenge. And thanks both to the Great Resignation and the Great Shift to Remote Working, many believe that the elusive squirrels are easier to find. We both know that’s not true.

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See how our Smart Interviewer transforms candidate experience

It’s time to see it in action – our Smart Interviewer, the key to unlocking incredible candidate experience.
In less than five minutes, you’ll see the interviews & insights that are loved by more than 90% of candidates.

Added bonus: you’ll also see how it makes hiring teams smarter and more efficient


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