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The science behind our ethical AI

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Language is a human tool. Using language, we better define and discover who we are – both as individuals, and as members of society. By providing the right conversational tools, we help job seekers, employees and organizations make the right decisions.

Sapia Labs is the engine room and the heart of It’s the place where research and innovation mix, where we develop and hone the conversational tools we use to find the ultimate potential in people.

We’re actively engaged in research and development in Natural Language Processing (NLP), psychometrics, machine learning, ethical artificial intelligence, and algorithmic fairness.

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Shaping the future of HR

We are at the frontier of five key trends that will, in the next decade, change the world of HR:

  1. Emphasis on candidate and employee experience. Use of data and AI to make experiences more personalized and enjoyable.
  2. The mass migration to virtual working, and the use of chat as the primary medium for collaboration and connection.
  3. Advances in NLP and conversational AI, which will uncover unprecedented insights about human potential and behaviour.
  4. The demand for fairness and ethical AI, as regulations emerge to govern how the technology should guide people decisions.
  5. The need for efficiency and removal of bias to drive productivity in all things to do with people.

The science

behind our ethical AI

Words are what we use to express ourselves. The ones we choose, and how we say them. In short sentences, like this one. Or in sentences that are longer than others, like this one, that use different rhythms and groupings and grammar.

Understanding words, and how they’re used, helps us to paint a picture of people, their values and their traits. What’s the easiest way to see lots of words? In a chat. And how do people chat these days? In text messages.

Text is familiar and comfortable, and that’s precisely why we use it as the main way to interview people. Every word, phrase, bit of syntax, tone, definition and context – they’re all added to our machine and deciphered, so we can accurately tell you if a given candidate would be suitable for the role you need filling.

We learn all the time. Interviewing thousands of candidates every day means we have more experience than a human recruiter will ever achieve in a lifetime. And by continuously observing our customers and the performance of applicants, we are constantly improving the metrics and profiles your people are assessed against.


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