Smart hiring automation

Go from ad to hire in as little as 24 hours.

Screen and interview thousands of candidates at the same time via text chat. Get a curated shortlist of talent with the soft skills and abilities you need. Achieve 90%+ candidate satisfaction.

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Chat interview technology

Screen, interview, and assess thousands, fast

Determine the types of traits and people you’re looking for, and we create a structured interview with the questions needed to get that talent. You simply post a link to it in your job ad, and candidates complete that interview on their mobiles via chat. Easy!

Our AI Smart Interview software then analyzes the responses and ranks the right people for you.

We remove bias and reliably predict job performance

Our text-based chat interview is blind. By using only text responses in our AI, the evaluation is always free of bias-inducing visual and audial signals.

We extract the language signals that reliably predict job performance, such as personality traits, behavioral competencies, and language skills. You get an unbiased assessment of each candidate’s responses.

The final choice is always yours. takes care of scheduling, dealing with no-shows, and ranks candidates for you.

Video interviewing candidates actually like

You want your candidates to shine, so we designed a video experience that candidates can relax into, easing jitters and allowing even the most camera shy candidate to be their best self.

With a completion rate of over 75% and candidate satisfaction at 9/10, we’d bet you can’t find another video interview that candidates will like more.

A simple four-step process

  1. Sapia interviews, screens, and ranks every single applicant for you.
  2. All candidates receive personalized insights about themselves and their interview.
  3. You decide whom you want to approach for video or final interviews.
  4. Make an offer, and hire!

Don’t trust AI? We understand.

We don’t do black boxes. That’s why we created our own AI governance framework, called FAIR, which explains how our AI works, and why.

We’ve also completed an independent bias audit, which showed no disparate impact toward any groups in the United States.

This means you can be sure you’re working with an ethical, transparent provider.

See our independent bias audit here

Offer an experience that 90% of candidates love

Every single person that applies through our AI Smart Interviewer receives six insights about themselves, as well as one coaching tip to help them level up their skills. 98% of people love the insights they receive. It’s easy to show everyone you care.

Designed for large businesses

No-fuss integrations with the leading ATS providers

Our products fit seamlessly into your HR tech stack. We have no-fuss integrations with the leading ATS providers, and we can build custom integrations, too. After just days, you’ll see the cost and time savings – and the bigger your team, the bigger the savings.

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Our data science and psychology division, Sapia Labs, is the brainpower behind our AI. The team created our AI Smart Interviewer to do fast, fair interviewing, but they didn’t stop there – now we’ve set the global standard for responsible use of AI in recruitment. This ensures a FAIR™ playing field, and is just one reason we’re trusted by the world’s best and most innovative companies.

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Hire the people you need in as little as 24 hours

We can help you go from ad to hire in as little as 24 hours. When you’re hiring at scale, speed is everything.

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Finally, an experience your candidates deserve

With, everyone gets a chance to shine. Say goodbye to impersonal, outdated screening methods. Our customers enjoy candidate satisfaction scores of 96% and completion rates of up to 98.1%.

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Use cases

Save thousands of recruitment hours per month

The idea of screening hundreds of thousands of people at once used to be scary. Our tech can handle your recruitment load, whatever the volume. This saves your hiring teams unprecedented amounts of time.

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Use cases

Fairness Score: An industry first gives you real-time analytics and scoring to prove you are making progress achieving your DEI objectives. We give you a Fairness Score that tracks and evaluates hiring diversity across female, minority ethnic, and other groups.

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Put value in values

Hiring for skills is easy – values, not so much. Luckily, we see the special stuff inside every human. We’ll objectively rank and shortlist the people more likely to bring the values you need to the role.

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Better people analytics, every 30 seconds

Our AI Smart Interviewer is learning more every day. It gathers objective intelligence after every single interview, and transforms that into real, actionable People Analytics. Super smart.

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Set new heights for diversity

Antiquated recruitment processes bring old school biases. Not with Sapia. We can help you set new goals for DEI, track them, and achieve a radically fair interview process. The data we use in fit score calculation is strictly limited to interview responses, so you can be sure that only objective factors are in play.

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“We’ve achieved a near-complete removal of bias.”

Our digital ‘chat’ interviews allow candidates to respond in their own time and in the comfort of their own homes, removing some of the pressures candidates face with more traditional job interviews, particularly introverts and neurodivergent candidates. It’s important for us to be accessible to everyone because if you can’t connect with us from day one, then we haven’t charted a course for people to feel a sense of belonging and pride with Spark.

So far, the data from demonstrates that we’ve achieved a near-complete removal of bias in the recommendation process.”

Heather Polglase
Director, People and Culture
Spark New Zealand

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