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Intro: HR for the World of Tomorrow

Acceptance. That’s a state many of us aspire to. Acceptance of the decisions we have made in our life. Acceptance of the fact that we can’t control many things in our world, including how much time our kids spend online and where our people want to work.

It is time to accept that: Employees want flexibility to choose where and how they work. Employees care about how their peers are treated as much as how they are treated. Your people want to be understood. To be included and to co-create. Not just to be directed or consulted. They want to have personalized experiences, not suffer through HR processes that give them nothing back. Conversations not one-way surveys.

All the millions invested in your HR tech stack, in building top-down architected HR solutions to manage people’s careers won’t give you the ROI, if you disregard this reality. Frankly, most companies are ‘overstacked’ thanks to aimless digital transformations.

We have entered a new age. The age of AI where systems “learn”, offering feedback and insights, compared to just being passive “systems of records” with colourful dashboards. We start 2023 with millions of people playing on ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that can respond in a human-like manner. Conversational AI like ChatGPT is going to change the way we work, learn and stay productive.

All of these forces challenge HR and TA leaders more than any other as so much of what HR has invested in over the last 5 years is beautification and automation of the old way of doing things. Better looking engagement surveys, chatbots that answer the most basic of candidate & employee questions and tools that mine outdated resume data.

t’s time to embrace a whole new way of engaging your talent. Gone are the days of terrible and inconsistent processes.

This is why connection is the new culture. And smart chat is the new medium.

There is a world of difference (and a lot of science) behind chat that gives you understanding and basic chatbots that automate simple tasks. Smart chat is powered by AI that learns from every interaction, able to give you feedback and built with ethical science.

In this paper we connect the dots between:

  1. The changing talent landscape
  2. How advances in conversational AI is challenging the traditional tech stack
  3. Smart chat built on ethical AI that truly connects and understands your candidates from the start is the future.


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