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Intro: How talent acquisition has accelerated the demand for recruitment automation

Talent acquisition transformation has accelerated the demand for recruitment automation. According to Aptitude Research, 55% of companies are increasing their investment in recruitment automation this year. These companies recognize that automation can improve efficiency, lift the administrative burden, reduce costs, and enable data-driven decisions. When companies are struggling to “do more with less,” automation plays a critical role in the modern talent acquisition function’s success.

For most companies, the value of automation is perceived through the recruiter and hiring manager experience. And, the benefits to the candidate are too often ignored. Recruitment automation is more than simply moving candidates through the process quickly.

Automation should enable companies to communicate in a meaningful and inclusive way, personalize all feedback, and build trust between candidates and employers. Companies that invest in automation and view it through a candidate-centric lens are two times more likely to improve the candidate experience.

A candidate-first approach to automation does not replace the human experience. It enhances it by giving candidates the confidence and the support they need through every stage of talent acquisition. To achieve this goal, companies need to shift their view of automation and invest in fair, inclusive, and human solutions.

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