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Conversational Ai (with Natural Language Processing) and Recommender systems, are two ways Ai can be used to create great experiences. They are scalable and save significant time for store managers and HR teams.

Conversational Ai and Natural Language Processing

Conversational Ai is a type of Ai used to facilitate dynamic and meaningful conversations at scale between a business and its customers, candidates, staff, or business partners. When used in hiring, conversational Ai can interview every candidate for you. Conversational Ai uses natural language processing (NLP) that can discern meaning from the written word. The ultimate objective of NLP is to read, decipher, understand, and make sense of language in a valuable manner. It can even analyse personality, sentiment and other patterns found in language. This means it can determine if an answer shows personality traits that are right for the role.

Thereafter, machine-learning models are trained to predict the likelihood of a new applicant to be hired using predictive patterns found in thousands of candidates hired in the past into similar roles. These patterns are derived from the free text answers given by applicants to their chat-based interview. The best part is, being data-driven means, it can test for any biases in the data and outcomes.

“The hires we have made are a really good fit, and not all of them have a retail or sales or contact centre background. More importantly the drive, willingness to learn, attendance, extra effort, we are seeing all these things coming through already.” Contact Centre Team Leader, Spark NZ

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