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A smart, candidate-friendly way to screen for values

Ambu is a medical device company that helps healthcare professionals save lives and improve patient care. It does this by providing customers with innovative solutions that optimise workflow, reduce cost and improve patient care.

Danielle Savaglio joined Ambu as APAC Regional HR Director following a long career in organisational psychology, consulting and in-house HR leadership. “I’ve worked in the area of psychometrics for more than three decades. My first role was using psychometrics as part of recruitment selection,” explains Danielle.

It was at a leadership meeting where the values were discussed that Danielle identified how she could use her depth of organisational psychology know-how, and new technology together to serve the business. “One of our leaders from the US stood up and said, ‘Really loving the values.

“They really speak to me and link to successes that I’ve seen across the business. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get an idea of how people align with our values before they start with us?’ Hearing that, I thought: yeah, that’s absolutely possible,” shares Danielle.

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