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How a 150-year-old wellbeing retailer revitalized their employer brand through fairer hiring

One of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers and the largest in Europe, Holland & Barrett have ~4700 employees servicing ~780 retail stores across the UK & Ireland.

With a business centred around wellbeing, diversity and inclusion has always been a priority for the retailer. 

“Diversity and Inclusion at Holland & Barrett is about enabling every single person, candidate or employee, to feel comfortable being themselves when they work or apply with us.”

The company knew they needed smart technology to enable a fair, innovative and intuitive hiring process that would improve their candidate experience while amplifying their refreshed employer brand. It also needed to integrate with their ATS eArcu, for a seamless experience for hiring managers and candidates.

It needed to be more than simply an assessment – rather, an experience that enabled them to take a stand in the UK market around fair hiring.

“We all know that opportunity is not distributed evenly, or fairly. But good talent can come from anywhere. And when you’re dealing with a labour shortage, it certainly pays to open yourself up to as much talent as possible.”
Maria Dvorman
Head of Recruitment, Holland & Barrett

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