How our fully-automated Video Interview solution delivers unprecedented hiring velocity

Our smart interviewer aims to make life easier for hiring and talent acquisition professionals, while making job-getting a fairer and more pleasant experience for candidates. This requires a product suite that takes both stakeholders from one end of the journey to the other – application to offer – as seamlessly and personably as possible.

To that end, we’ve introduced a new product to supplement our candidate-favourite Chat Interview tool. Called Video Interview, this new tool revolutionises the current market approach to video-based interviewing and assessment. Now, Sapia’s user journey looks like this:

  • Candidates start with a blind, unbiased chat interview with our market-leading Ai, Smart Interviewer
  • Then, if suitable, they progress automatically to a short and sharp video-based interview

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Thanks to the combination of Chat Interview and Video Interview, hiring managers can conduct hundreds of interviews without having to schedule calls, resulting in amazing hiring velocity. As a result, the average time-to-decision for Sapia’s customers is now under 24 hours, giving our customers the flexibility they need to hire fast in a highly competitive candidate market. Better still, all candidates also receive personalized feedback once they complete the process, whether they are hired or not.

What’s the difference between Sapia’s Video Interview, and other video interviewing solutions?

In contrast to our ethical smart interviewer, Video Interview does not use an Ai or algorithm to screen candidate responses. We recognise that, unlike with text, bias is almost impossible to eliminate once video and voice are introduced; to suggest that an Ai can remove bias from the assessment of a video interview is fundamentally dishonest.

The early success with our chat and video-based interviewing approach speaks for itself

Video Interview is currently delivering a Candidate Happiness Score of 9/10, with a completion rate of nearly 76%. 86% of candidates say that the end-to-end experience has made them more likely to recommend the hiring company as an employer of choice.

The new product innovation was created as a direct response to a need by Australia’s biggest private employer, Woolworths Group, who urgently needed to hire better and faster.

Our CEO, Barb Hyman, said that this need has been reflected by many talent acquisition specialists and hiring teams across the globe.

“In a world where there is a massive shortage of talent, even for recruiters themselves, businesses need to find a less taxing way to assess talent,” Hyman said. 

“We believe that the introduction of Video Interview makes us the only truly automated hiring solution that  addresses fairness, fit and speed, while genuinely engaging candidates,” she said. 

Woolworths Group (ASX: WOW) handles more than 1 million candidates, applying for 40,000 roles a year. It estimates that it has saved about 5,000 recruitment hours in the first week of using Sapia alone.

“We love the tool, and we knew candidates would love it because it’s mobile and it’s interactive,” Keri Foti, Head of Advisory & Talent Acquisition Services at Woolworths, said. “We also love the fact that we can measure advocacy for Woolworths at the end of it.”

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