The future of HR! Be the change you want to see in this world

Are you an HR visionary, a fast follower, a sceptic or even a laggard?

How do you want to be remembered in your organisation?

2020 was tough for everyone, but in some way, HR had some unique challenges. Workplaces were uprooted across the globe and at a velocity, no one was prepared for.

From crisis comes opportunity and did HR in your organisation grab that opportunity to accelerate transformation?

Did they:

  • Automate the obvious processes that suck up organisational time, such as candidate screening?
  • Invest in Ai tools to interrupt bias at the top of the funnel now that we are becoming more aware of the systemic unconscious and conscious bias?
  • Treat candidates just like your business treats its customers by revolutionising the candidate journey and experience – ending ghosting of candidates? 

Inertia is not a strategy.

In the life of a business, especially a start-up, your growth is defined by your ability to find the innovators and early adopters to lead the change, and then the fast followers to scale and mostly trying to avoid the laggards. 

Innovation curve

Most organisations now say publicly and internally that their success is down to their people-finding, hiring, developing and retaining that talent.  

For many organisations, the talent pool has now gone global. 

What has changed in your organisation to tap into a wider pool of talent, which will also help your diversity agenda, core to your innovation agenda?

For many organisations, the volume of applicants has gone up as the unemployment rate goes up.

What has changed in your organisation to automate screening to be able to move fast to get the best talent and save your organisations a huge invisible cost- screening all those candidates?

For so many of us, the Black Lives Matter movement has brought a social responsibility that is expected of companies to promote your brand as one that supports inclusivity and equity.

What kind of technology does your organisation use to take action on what you are saying and screen talent fairly at scale?

Values-based hiring and hiring for culture creation is now on the agenda for most sophisticated businesses.

How has the HR team embedded your values in your hiring and promotion?

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