Time for HR to level up

Now is the time for HR to Level Up on Ai literacy 

2020 sucked. For everyone. We were all totally unprepared and many of us just got through it. Yes, it dispelled that long-held myth that ‘I need to see you to trust you are doing the work’ but flexibility is only fabulous when you aren’t surrounded by kids at home 24/7 or under lockdown in a global pandemic. What will 2021 bring and can we be better prepared?

With two massive workforce movements in one year – the forced move to distributed work (we prefer this term to remote work), and Black Lives Matter, HR has to get better prepared in its understanding of the human impact of technology in use, especially Ai.

The innate power of Ai is to uncover patterns in large volumes of data and the data-driven thinking that comes with the adoption of Ai in your processes can challenge human decision making. This is not a bad thing because it allows us to interrupt unconscious biases we inherit thanks to our evolutionary hard-wiring.

Whilst HR technology has evolved, there are many pseudoscientific claims around Ai – almost more than there are genuinely scientifically backed claims. Using the wrong Ai-technology creates a huge legal risk and brand risk for companies, for which HR is ultimately responsible.  Now is the time for HR to step up and educate themselves about which technology is genuinely innovative and moves humanity forward.

The bar must be held high when you are making life-changing decisions on the basis of data.

The work that HR needs to do is:

  • Self-education
  • Self-regulation
  • Use thorough impact assessments looking at the holistic candidate experience, not just the algorithmic components overseen by a joint team comprising HR, legal and cybersecurity
  • Create a guiding framework for making the right decision

The team that needs to do the work ought to be cross-functional including  HR, legal and cybersecurity.

To help HR leaders make smart decisions about these new Ai technologies, we are making available our FAIR™ Framework, a set of measures and guidelines to make sure that both candidates and hiring managers can trust the Ai tools that they use.

Understanding FAIR™ – Fair Ai for Recruitment

Go here to download >

A global standard for the responsible use of Ai in recruitment.

Ai can deliver powerful and better outcomes for recruiters and candidates, but we must ensure that all recruiting Ai is fair.

For hiring managers and organisations, this guide provides an assurance as well as a template to query fairness related metrics of Ai recruitment tools.

For candidates, FAIR™ ensures that they are using a system built with fairness as a key performance metric. This set of guidelines helps HR leaders make smart decisions so they can trust the Ai tools that they use. Here’s the FAIR Framework >

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