Live Interview

Make Interview Scheduling a breeze

Bulk scheduling interviews using your ATS or manually takes too long, results in no-shows, and is frustrating for everyone involved.

Live Interview by fixes all of that.

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Go live in less than a day

Enabled via a browser extension that is quick to implement
Integrates with your ATS or with’s Talent Hub
Works alongside’s Chat & Video Interviews

For the Schedulers

Efficient bulk scheduling from your ATS

Cut your time to hire and schedule interviews seamlessly via a browser extension that integrates with your ATS. Send times to multiple candidates for multiple interviewers, and use Gen AI to generate time slots from free-text.

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For Interviewers

Stress-free interviews that you won’t forget

Interviewers are prepped to interviewed with a daily run sheet & reminders delivered to their inbox. Each candidate’s insights profile and personalised interview questions are linked so they’re ready to interview every time.

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For Candidates

Stop no-shows and deliver a 5-star booking experience 

Managed drop out at this critical step in your hiring process by delivering a seamless booking & rescheduling service. Mobile-friendly booking, automated rescheduling and reminders make it possible to get your best candidates in to meet sooner.

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See how simple it is to get your best candidates in to meet sooner with Live Interview.

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