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    How to successfully implement AI recruitment technology

    According to estimates by Gartner, 47% of companies already use some form of Ai-based technology to aid HR operations – but many still do not trust the tech to do the job.

    Let’s say you have made the choice to invest in Ai for recruitment, and you’ve expertly dispelled the Terminator objection. What’s next? How do you actually implement your solution, ensuring it is set up for success?


    In this HR tech implementation guide, you’ll learn how to:

    • Create a compelling success story around your chosen tech
    • Get at least one (or one other) executive sponsor on board
    • Make a comprehensive stakeholder map for optimal project management
    • Get Legal team buy-in, as quickly as possible
    • Tips for smart budget management
    • Do integrations right, the first time
    • Decide if a pilot is right for you

    And more!


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