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    Building trust in ethical Ai through transparency

    When you’re a leader in ethical Ai, you must make choices about the design, data, and science behind your products. At Sapia, we choose to maximize transparency, explainability, and fairness.

    This resource explains the strategic choices that make up our Ai technology, and why you can trust it as a tool for recruitment and people decision-making.

    This document will help to answer:

    • Why Ai providers and technologies are different, and how the approach to transparency causes the divide
    • Why ethical frameworks are crucial for Ai tools, particularly those used for human decision-making
    • How and why Sapia approaches continuous and constant bias-testing
    • Why Sapia does not use video data for any Ai component, and why it is unethical to do so
    • Why the use of resume, meta, or any other kind of third-party data is unethical and results in suboptimal outcomes
    • Why the use of explainable rule-based models is superior to classical machine learning models
    • Why untimed assessments result in better, fairer outcomes for candidates
    • How and why Sapia is the leader in fairness for Ai

    And more!


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