Nothing like a crisis to force change 

In AA there is a saying that you only wake up to the need for change when you hit rock bottom. Sometimes it feels like that is our lot in life, to not accept the facts of what’s happening until things get really dire (climate change anyone?).

COVID-19 has been a fabulous disruptor and dispeller of that old myth that people slack off when they work from home and the myth that unless you can see the worker how can you truly know if they are working? Both that old fashioned myth has been killed off but as many of us can feel and see form the experience, we are all working way longer. 

Remote working is a game-changer

We have shared already the reality of ongoing remote work and the real reason why it’s a game-changer for organisations. In one hit your talent pool becomes global or at least more global, and productivity goes up. But only if you recognise that remote work is not b2b zoom meetings. In fact, it’s precisely not that.  

Instead, its about enabling work which requires asynchronous communication

Productivity and flexibility for employees come when we don’t all have to get in a room, virtual or otherwise to do our work. That means communicating in writing, not by video.

There is as strong a ‘bias’ towards having to see someone to hire someone, as there has been to date with having to see someone working in the office to trust they are working. What will it take for that bias to be disrupted?

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