2022 Year in Review

We’re taking a quick look behind us before we crack on with making hiring fairer for even more candidates in 2023.

Product Highlights

This year we built and upgraded 17 of our customers to our new secure platform, Edge 3; and released a host of features that have transformed our candidate and hiring team experience.

Candidate Experience

In the early part of the year we made a bunch of nifty design improvements to make Chat Interview even more intuitive. Then we added features like reminder emails, a progress bar, improved the experience of entering phone numbers for global candidates and introduced a planned delay in sending My Insights profiles.

In the world of video, we enabled customers to use standalone Video Interviews, and added some smaller changes like improving the compression of our video platform, and adding the ability for hiring teams to use pre-recorded videos to ask questions or play scenarios to candidates.

Hiring Team Experience

After we completely rebuilt our platform to make it more secure, user friendly and flexible; we continued to improve the experience for hiring teams with features like optimizing Talent Insights on mobile devices; improving ease of access while maintaining security with ‘remember this device’; and improving candidate search and management.


Alongside a number of additions to our people insights product, Discover Insights, our new Integrations dashboard taps into valuable data from ATS’s to give integrated customers a holistic view of candidate experience, efficiency and inclusivity along the hiring journey.

Partnerships & Integrations

Our Integration Warriors did us proud this year. We completed 7 new ATS integrations, enabling a seamless candidate and user experience for customers of SmartRecruiters, Workday, SuccessFactors, eArcu, Greenhouse, PageUp and Avature.

We were also accepted into the Crown Commercial Service Marketplace, making it easy for UK government departments to access our offering; and we continued to work with some of the largest RPO partners globally to help transform the hiring process of some incredible brands.


Security and compliance are always a priority at Sapia. With Edge 3 came multi-region data hosting, more secure login features, and user hierarchies to ensure secure storage and access to candidate data.

And as a gift to round out the year, our auditor AssuranceLab completed our SOC 2 Type 2 surveillance, and we’re on track for successful accreditation, with a report available in Q1 2023.

Looking forward to 2023

Next year brings new challenges as we’ll continue to improve our offering while expanding our customer base globally.

On the horizon are some exciting improvements to Talent Insights; a host of new integrations including Workable, iCIMS, Oracle, Cornerstone, Bullhorn, Lever, Jobvite, JazzHR… and one release that we’re not quite ready to announce just yet.

Let’s just say it’ll be muy, muy grande, et très excitant!

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