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Out with the old, in with the new – HR for the World of Tomorrow is powered by Smart Chat and AI

The world of work is changing rapidly and it is time to accept that employees want flexibility to choose where and how they work. They want personalized experiences and conversations, not one-way surveys. The future of HR lies in the use of conversational AI that learns from every interaction, offering feedback and insights. In this webinar, Sapia.ai CEO and founder Barb Hyman will connect the dots between the changing talent landscape, advances in conversational AI, and the future of smart chat built on ethical AI.

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About the presenter

Barb Hyman is the CEO and founder of Sapia.ai and started the business because she wanted to humanize what had become a torturous process: Getting a job, and deciding who to hire.

Five years on, the Sapia team has invented the world’s first AI smart chat, a frontier technology that gives people agency, equips decision makers with real objective insights about candidates, and removes bias in the process. Barb is passionate about elevating every HR touchpoint into an experience, with smart chat at the centre of every people process.a job, and deciding who to hire.

Barb holds an MBA from University of Melbourne and a BA/LLB (Honors) from Monash University.