Adored by 90%+ of candidates

The ideal candidate experience solution for retail

You might have the best job ads, but if the rest of the process sucks, you’ll face high dropout, and low success in hiring the best. That’s a mistake that costs businesses anywhere from thousands to millions every year. There’s a better solution.

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A human-centred candidate experience

Reveal the potential in everyone that applies

People are more than the words on their CV, and so our Ai Smart Interviewer assesses each and every person in a human way.

In a two-step chat and video interview process, candidates can relax and express themselves naturally. Then, our Smart Interviewer recommends the top candidates who’ll best fit the role.


Never ghost a candidate again

Give everyone personalized insights and coaching tips

The best bit – you don’t have to lift a finger. Every candidate that meets our Smart Interviewer automatically receives positive insights and tips that help them in their career journey.

Our insights not only make candidates feel confident and empowered, 77% of them are more likely to recommend you as an employer of choice. 

Features that make candidates go wow

It’s the little things that count

Both interview stages are designed to be casual, low-pressure, reducing jitters and enabling candidates to be their best selves. Our Smart Interviews are:

  • Chat-based, putting candidates at ease in a format they communicate in regularly
  • Mobile-first, as they should be
  • Untimed, and candidates can save and come back at any time.

90% of candidates love their Chat and Video Interview experiences. Find another online interview that candidates genuinely enjoy – we’ll wait.

Native candidate support

Simple, seamless, self-service

Our technology is designed to support hiring teams and candidates from day one. Zero disruption, and totally user-friendly.
For one of our customers – data shown here – just 3% of candidates sought help during the interview process. Most were able to resolve their issues themselves, but 81% of the rest found their resolution within five hours.
Everyone loves that level of efficiency and service.

Designed with your end to end experience in mind

Integrated, and personalized to your brand

Our Ai Smart Interviewer platform integrates easily with the leading ATS and HR tech providers, like Workday, Lever, PageUp, eArcu, Kallidus, Snaphire, SmartRecruiters, SAP SuccessFactors, and more. We can build custom integrations, too.

Everything candidate-facing is personalized to your brand and your voice, so the whole experience is seamless. 

How Wolt earned a +51 NPS score (by treating candidates like real people)

Our Ai Smart Interviewer enabled global food delivery service Wolt to transform its recruitment. Not only was Wolt able to interview 2,000 candidates and hire 200 in the first three months of using our tech; they also secured an 8.8/10 Candidate Happiness Score and a 44-point jump in their NPS.

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In less than five minutes, you’ll see the interviews & insights that are loved by more than 90% of candidates.

Added bonus: you’ll also see how it makes hiring teams smarter and more efficient


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