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The buyer’s guide to Ai recruitment software

The eight vetting questions you absolutely must ask before investing in AI for recruitment.

When it comes to AI-powered job interview tools, there are a few different providers to choose from. Not all are created equal, and some even push the definition of AI a little too far.

Here’s your problem: You need to solve your company’s hiring problems, and you need the right tool. How do you tell a real AI from a phony lookalike? How do you compare features objectively?

This buyer’s guide to AI eBook will help minimize your risk, so you can choose the right provider for you.

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In this Ai recruitment buying guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 8 questions you should ask an AI provider to vet their technology and trustworthiness
  • The critical need for a provider to have a separate data science function
  • What bias testing is, and how providers should be doing it

And more. If you’re not sure where to go next, or where to invest your HR tech budget, start here.

Get buy-in from the right people at your company

We know that, for some companies, the hardest part about implementing new technology is getting buy-in.
You might love the product, and you may know what it can do, but you’ll still need to convince your execs, your direct reports, your hiring managers… absolutely everyone gets a say. It’s a pain. This guide will help you build your business case by taking care of the most important aspects: Trustworthiness and transparency.

Learn from our real results


Woolworths’ average time-to-hire


More women hired by Woodie’s


Qantas’ application completion rate

​​”I am a huge believer in the power of technology to effect change for both the individual and organisations, to remove bias and create more equality in the world, to dignify, to empower, to teach through feedback, and to save that scarcest of resource – time. Since meeting the team at Sapia two years ago I was impressed at their ambition to deliver to all of those aspirations and now we are seeing their technology have that impact for our own clients. Technology like this is the future of hiring.”

Michael Smith, CEO, Randstad Sourceright

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